A geologist, an astrophysicist, and two comedians walk into a bar. No, it's not a bad joke, it's a podcast called The Science Bar where we read recent science news and talk about it while drinking. Cue laugh track.

"Good and Bad Kinds of Radiation, Also Whisky in Space" (Episode 10):

"Cool Things in Space and Depressing Things on Earth" (Episode 9):

"Live-Audience Recording! Alcoholics and Weird Tau Ceti" (Episode 8):

"Chameleon Technology and Peruvian Mummies" (Episode 7):

"Acid Rain and a Possible Ocean on Jupiter's Moon, Ganymede" (Episode 6):

"Resurrection Ecology, Ant Bathrooms, and a 4 x Star System" (Episode 5):

"Plants Can Hear!, a Sunscreen-Cancer Study, and Bigfoot" (Episode 4):

"Supernova Debris and Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes" (Episode 3):

"To Mars on the Cheap!" (Episode 2):

"Quantum and Coffee" (Episode 1):

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