Episode Particulars

If you are a super-geek (you know who you are) and want to read up on the topics/articles that we discuss during a show, below are some links to get you started. We will also post extra content that comes up during our conversation, general thoughts, and other random things that we just feel like mentioning.

Episode 10: Good and Bad Kinds of Radiation, Also Whisky in Space

Hawking Radiation: To Be or Not To Be
Spider Man's Less Heroic Cousin
The Most Expensive Glass of Whisky, Ever
Craig on Live TV (forgetting the conversion from kilograms to pounds)

Episode 09: Cool Things in Space and Depressing Things on Earth

Astronauts Nom on Some Leafy Greens in Space
Craig's Super Cool Mission to the Moon
Video of Craig Describing LunaH-MAP
A Science of Fire and Ice, Well, Rain
A Computer Predicts that Mass Extinctions Can Be Good...If You're Still Alive

Episode 08: Live-Audience Recording! Alcoholics and Weird Tau Ceti

Does Having Blue Eyes Mean That You're Likely to be an Alcoholic...Like Most of the SB Cast?
I Don't Think that Dog is a Dog
How One Astrophysicist Broke the Hearts of Millions of Star Trek Fans

Episode 07: Chameleon Technology and Peruvian Mummies

Be Able to Morph and Blend In With Your Surroundings...Or Do Something Actually Useful
Nom nom nom...What Did People Eat 2000 Yrs Ago and What Can It Tell Us?

Episode 06: Acid Rain and a Possible Ocean on Jupiter's Moon, Ganymede

We Heard About Acid Rain All During the 1990's, What Ever Happened With That?
Map of pH Levels in Rain Across the US
Ocelot Rainforest Rescue Campaign Shirt that Natalie Owned in the 90s
A Salt Water Ocean on Ganymede Could Be Interacting with Jupiter's Magnetic Field

Episode 05: Resurrection Ecology, Ant Bathrooms, and a 4 x Star System

Not At All Like Jurrasic Park, Ecologists Are Able to Bring Some Super Old Stuff Back To Life
Ants Are So Organized, They Even Have a Special Place for Their Poo
Planet Found with Four Parents! (and You Thought You Had it Bad)

Episode 04: Plants Can Hear!, a Sunscreen-Cancer Study, and Bigfoot

Vegans Totally Screwed, In for a Guilt Trip of a Lifetime
Being Pasty and Pale May Not Actually Be Good For You
Science Shows Bigfoot Hunters that Their Life is a Lie

Episode 03: Supernova Debris and Genetically-Modified Mosquitoes

Taking A Bite Out of Mosquitoes
We Are All Star-Stuff

Episode 02: To Mars on the Cheap!

Going to Mars! So Cheap Even You Could Afford It (Not Really)

Episode 01: Quantum and Coffee

The Laser Beam That Caught The Cat
Napping Never Tasted (or Felt) So Good